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Neurology Academy (NA) is an innovative education provider for clinicians, specialist nurses and allied health professionals. We provide education in a wide variety of formats and styles across the full spectrum of healthcare associated with a condition. From optimal diagnosis, treatment and management, to the latest research and service transformation, today's experts give clear, practical advice for delegates to apply from tomorrow onwards.

From virtual courses like our new Basics series to in-person residentials like our signature MasterClasses, we have the right style, format and length of education for your current needs. Whether a course, conference or webinar, education for each condition is led by an academic Faculty of practising clinicians who operate within their given condition or health theme's Academy.

Whether you're looking for a quick 6-minute dip into expert care with our Bitesize sessions, or a 2-day deep dive into a condition with our MasterClasses, we've got just the thing to support your learning needs, and make a difference to your patients.

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Our webinars have become a favourite 'go-to' for concise, thematic and accessible education. Initially developed in response to the pandemic, the extensive topics across a range of conditions with expertise from a wide range of speakers makes this the perfect place to invest in your professional development.

Hosted live and made available on demand thereafter, you can filter your search by condition, topic or date. Come and subsidise your learning on a specific topic, update yourself on the latest in research, clinical practice, or policy change, or even dip into another specialism.

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What neurology experts say...

"The MS Academy is a tremendous vehicle for educating and up-skilling healthcare professionals caring for people living with MS"
Dr Wallace Brownlee MS Academy
"The things you can’t get from the books"
Dr Peter Fletcher Parkinson's Academy
"Empower practitioners to improve their knowledge, care and systems for people living with dementia"
Prof Iracema Leroi Dementia Academy
"The only educational course dedicated to pharmacists specialising in neurosciences, delivered by colleagues from a range of professions"
Joela Mathews Neuropharmacy Academy

Projects, knowledge & resources

Neurology service transformation projects

All of our education has a common aim - to transform the experiences and lives of people living with challenging conditions through the services and support they receive. In workplace projects, delegates put their learning into practice and are offered mentorship and encouraged to support their peers as they continue to develop their specialism in a way that directly impacts their patient's outcomes.

We want to encourage sharing of best practice and peer-to-peer encouragement, and one way we do this is through our 'Project' space. This catalogue of delegate projects provides a repository of service improvement and transformation examples for other professionals to learn from and be inspired by. Our 'Education with impact' reports are a new way to highlight a cluster of workplace projects across a common theme, highlighting the clinical context and background to the topic, and inspiring activity across the country and beyond.

Spotlight projects
Multiple Sclerosis relapses: improving patient education
By Nicole Japzon, Neurology Physician Associate Band 7, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Flordeliza Madriaga, MS Clinical Nurse Specialist, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Barriers faced in accessing Cardiff and Vale Memory Assessment Service
By Dr. Biju Mohamed, Dr. Cherry Shute, Dr. Tanvir Ahmed : Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

About Neurology Academy

Expert training in neurology

Neurology Academy (NA) is an innovative education provider for clinicians, specialist nurses and allied health professionals. Our educational offerings focus on the full spectrum of healthcare associated with a condition, from optimal diagnosis, treatment and management, to care pathways and service transformation. From our well-established MasterClasses to our conferences, events, mini-courses and webinars, education for each condition is led by an academic Faculty of practicing clinicians who operate within their given condition or health theme's Academy.

We specialise in education, networking and mentorship, encourage the sharing of good practice, and promote clinical leadership across a range of conditions. Each condition or healthcare theme has its own 'Academy'.


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By clinicians, for clinicians

The things you can’t get from the books

Transferrable model of learning

Academy & Faculty leaders

We are led and supported by experts with a variety of backgrounds across a range of disciplines. By bringing different passions to the Neurology Academy, they ensure we maintain a high quality of content and information across a diverse field of knowledge

Sarah Gillett
Managing director
Jamie McGregor
Director of policy, intelligence and operations
Daiga Heisters
Head of Parkinson's Academy
Dr Peter Fletcher
Consultant care of the elderly physician
Dr Wallace Brownlee
Honorary academic director, MS Academy & consultant neurologist and clinical lead
Dr David Paling
Consultant neurologist
Ruth Stross
Head of nursing
Prof Iracema Leroi
Associate professor of geriatric psychiatry
Joela Mathews
Lead neuroscience pharmacist
Rachel Dorsey-Campbell
Senior lead pharmacist
Prof Jalesh Panicker
Consultant neurologist
Dr Rachel Farrell
Consultant neurologist
Dr Ed Richfield
Consultant in elderly medicine
Dr Nikos Evangelou
Clinical associate professor in neurology
Prof Helen Ford
Clinical professor of neurology
Prof Emily Henderson
Associate professor in ageing and movement disorders and honorary consultant geriatrician.
Dr Channa Hewamadduma
Consultant neurologist and honorary senior lecturer
Dr Min Ong
Paediatric neurology consultant
Dr Vasantha Gowda
Consultant paediatric neurologist

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