Another Dementia MasterClass has been launched for 2019 specifically designed to advance your skills in dementia care. Please click on the buttons below for more information on our courses.


Dementia MasterClass

28 & 29 November 2019

This residential MasterClass, entitled “Practical dementia diagnosis and care”, is for secondary care clinicians, including nurses, old age psychiatry consultants and registrars. The training course will be held in Sheffield delivered in partnership with the University of Manchester.


Palliative Care MasterClass

11 & 12 March 2020

This Palliative Care MasterClass is a two day residential course in Sheffield with a programme focusing on Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis (MS) and motor neurone disease (MND). For all health professionals involved in palliative care for neurological conditions – including allied health professionals, doctors (grade SpR and above), specialist nurses, community teams and GPs.


Dr Ross Dunne at our MasterClass 2017 in Manchester