From MasterClass to Chair of Psychiatry

by Dr Peter Fletcher

One of the many joys of having been the Parkinson’s Academy’s Academic Director since we began our MasterClasses in 2002 is that I have read every single needs analysis questionnaire submitted by our participants – 100s and 100s of them! What talent we have passing through our MasterClases, with what I see in the questionnaires translated into three-dimensional reality both during the MasterClasses and in terms of what happens next.

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Academy partners with Manchester University to deliver Dubai MasterClass

After the Neurology Academy’s recent successful development of separate Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and dementia streams, the Neurology Academy has now taken another step having launched its first International MasterClass.

February’s Dementia MasterClass was held in Sharjah, Dubai, in collaboration with The University of Manchester and the Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning. This one-day course focused on advancing delegates’ understanding of the clinical and managerial aspects of caring for people at all stages of dementia. Continue reading