Sue ThomasSue, who is a co-founder and speaker at the academy, has a clinical background in nursing and the main part of her post registration career was in primary care. Since 1991 she worked nationally as policy and practice adviser for the Royal College of Nursing moving from there into the role of CEO setting up an innovative commissioning support organisation for the voluntary sector Neurological Commissioning Support. She led this organisation to NHS England niche commissioning provider status in 2014. Sue’s involvement in Parkinson’s includes being nurse member of the national PDNS steering group set up to oversee the appointment of PDNS’s and has been personally instrumental is the commissioning of over 200 nurse posts. Sue was also a member of the Non- motor symptom scale development group
led by Prof Ray Chaudhuri and a founder faculty member of the Parkinson’s Masterclass
programme. Over the years she has been adviser to numerous Department of Health work
streams and an expert adviser for NICE Guidelines and Health Technology appraisals. Sue is a
Florence Nightingale Scholar and Winston Churchill Fellow and has written over 160 publications and 12 book chapters. She is currently CEO of Commissioning Excellence.